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Data center applications require reliable power sources. Learn more about uninterruptible power supply ups for data centers. A clean and secure supply of power is critical to today’s data center and IT facilities. Any power failure can have a devastating impact on mission-critical computers, communications and data, resulting in costly downtime. It is vital that […]

When power goes out, a ups power supply will let you keep working. As weather extremes and storms increase, power outages are likely to continue to rise. If you have invested in a generator, you’ve prepared for when a storm hits, right? Almost. Even with a generator, you still need a battery backup, also known […]

Prostar UPS systems are ideal for integration into all medical equipment applications, they will be supporting critical part for patients’ safety. For the healthcare industry, ensuring a quality environment of patient care is paramount. With energy costs soaring, the system has to be efficient. Availability has to be constant, from patient check-in to checkout. And […]

According to different application fields, Uninterruptible power supply UPS can be divided into two categories: industrial grade ups and commercial ups. There are two types of UPS systems, a commercial UPS system and an industrial grade UPS system. Generally, a commercial UPS will be found in Information Technology (IT) applications, such as computer rooms and […]

Demands for processing power continues to increase across all businesses from small to large networks. With mission critical activity so heavily reliant on ‘always on’ systems, uninterruptible power supply systems play an important role in keeping your business up and running. You can easily imagine, the worst-case scenarios and find the real-life horror stories: Business is humming […]

With the market shifting and demand for greater lifespan, efficiency and reduced footprint becoming more prevalent, battery manufacturers have upped their game with lithium-ion batteries solutions. The data centre sector in particular is welcoming lithium-ion batteries solutions with open arms. When paired with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) a far more efficient energy storage system […]