home uninterruptible power supply ups 2.5KVA 1500W

Prostar PLT2.5K home uninterruptible power supply ups 2.5KVA 1500W

Line Interactive UPS | 2.5KVA/1.5KW | 24VDC | 110Vac/120Vac or 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac | Pure Sine Wave

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Prostar PLT2.5K home uninterruptible power supply ups 2.5KVA 1500W is a full digital control of the design concept, application of intelligent CPU control System, combined with CMOS and PWM perfect, adopt frequency online interactive structure, built in power Intelligent charger novel uninterruptible power supply products. Adding an optional network management card permits remote management of the UPS, including reboots and activity logs.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains 220V/230V/240V nominal output over an input range of 158V to 278V without using battery power. EMI/RFI noise filtering improves your equipment’s performance and prevents damage.

24V home uninterruptible power supply ups 2.5KVA 1500W is connected mission-critical equipment against damage, downtime and data loss due to blackouts, brownouts, surges and line noise. Ideal solution for point-of-sale applications, VoIP systems and small business networks.

home uninterruptible power supply ups 2.5KVA 1500W

Line Interactive UPS 2.5KVA Features & Benefits

1. Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliablility

2. Intelligent Charger

Built-in smart charger, with TOP charge type (charging type of high current at the initial, and balanced type and floating type alternating charging), shorten the battery charging time, extend the battery life, and it is suit to the areas of high rate power cut. And the users can set charging voltage and charging current by press button.

3. Wide input voltage range (110V-300V)

4. Special Protection method

5. Well unattended function

6. High Efficiency and Energy Saving

7. Auto restart while AC is recovering

8. Pure Sine Wave Output

9. Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

10. Cold start function

11. LCD panel for comprehensive display

Front-panel LCD signals operating mode, load level, voltage, battery charge and estimated runtimes. Supports multiple advanced user setup and operating preferences.

Line Interactive UPS LCD Display Information

LCD Display Icons

Icon Function description
INPUT Vac Indicates the AC input voltage.
BATT Vdc Indicates the battery voltage.
OUTPUT Vac Indicates the output voltage.
INPUT Hz Indicates the AC input frequency.
BATT % Indicates the battery capacity.
OUTPUT % Indicates output loading.
full battery capacity Indicates battery level by 0-24%, 25-49%, 50-74% and 75-100% in battery mode and charging status in line mode.
In battery mode, it will present battery capacity.

Load Percentage Battery Voltage LCD Display
Load >50% < 1.7V/cell 25% battery capacity
1.7V/cell ~ 1.8V/cell 50% battery capacity
1.8 ~ 1.9V/cell 75% battery capacity
> 1.9 V/cell full battery capacity
50%> Load > 20% < 1.8V/cell 25% battery capacity
1.8V/cell ~ 1.9V/cell 50% battery capacity
1.9 ~ 2.0V/cell 75% battery capacity
> 2.0 V/cell full battery capacity
Load < 20% < 1.9V/cell 25% battery capacity
1.8V/cell ~ 1.9V/cell 50% battery capacity
1.9 ~ 2.0V/cell 75% battery capacity
> 2.0 V/cell full battery capacity

100% Output loading

Indicates the load level by 0-24%, 25-50%, 51-74% and 75-100%.


25%~50% 51%~74%


25% Output loading 50% Output loading 75% Output loading Full Output loading
utility power Shows unit connects to the utility power.
utility charger circuit Indicates the utility charger circuit is working.
DC to AC Inverter working Shows the DC/AC inverter circuit is working.
working mode The working mode number.
alarm Indicates unit alarm is disabled.

Line Interactive UPS Details

smart line interactive ups

smart line interactive ups diagram

smart line interactive ups

smart line interactive ups

smart line interactive ups LCD display

Line Interactive UPS Charging Function

Multi-stage charging: smart chip control of the three-stage battery charge management function, can quickly fill the battery, and effectively extend the battery life.

Charging current optional: regarding to their own configuration of the battery AH, the users select the corresponding charge current (from 0% -100% in 20 steps adjustable).

Charging voltage optional: for a variety of battery charging voltage: lead acid batteries, GEL batteries, Lithium batteries

smart line interactive ups battery charge

smart line interactive ups

Line Interactive UPS working mode

Mode Name Description
Mode 1 Regular Mode The system always keeps output.
Mode 4 Energy Saving


The system always keeps output.

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    Line Interactive UPS 2.5KVA Specification

    Model PLT2.5K-24
    Rated Power 2.5KVA/1500W
    Voltage Range 100V/110V/120V/127AC or 220V/230V/240VAC(+25%,-36%)
    Frequency Range 50/60 Hz±2.5Hz Auto
    AC Voltage Regulation 100V/110V/120V/127AC±0.5% or 220V/230V/240VAC±0.5%(AC Mode±10%)
    Frequency 50HZ/60HZ±0.5HZ Auto(AC Mode±2.5HZ)
    Surge Power 4500W
    Battery Efficiency 83%
    AC Efficiency 93%
    Transfer Time 8ms default, 4ms optional
    Waveform Pure Sinewave
    Battery Voltage 24VDC
    Floating Charge Voltage 27.2VDC
    Overcharge Protection 30.0VDC
    AC Charge Current 4-20A Adjustable (20A default)
    Battery Reversal Optional
    Output Short Circuit AC mode:Jump fuse, UPS mode: Shut down
    Overload Full load 100%, UPS alarm. Overload 120%, UPS shut down output in 10s. Once the load back to normal, UPS recover output.
    High AC Voltage Turn off AC,turn to UPS mode automatically
    Low DC Voltage UPS shut down automatically,Once the AC recover, UPS turn on and charge automatically
    Over Temperature Power Off
    Humidity 15~93%(No condensation)
    Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
    Altitude ≤3000m
    Communication USB, RS232, 485, SNMP (Optional)
    Dimension, DxWxH (mm) 381*142*209
    Net Weight (Kgs/PC) 13.00
    Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.