Prostar PHP120K PF1 3 phase power online double conversion ups 120kva

3 Phase High Frequency Online UPS |120KVA / 120KW | PF 1 | 3P/3P | 380Vac/400Vac/415Vac | Max. 6 units in parallel

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Prostar PHP120K PF1 3 phase power online double conversion ups 120kva with IGBT technology provides battery backup and AC power protection against power disturbances that can damage electronics or destroy data. It’s recommended for critical IT or corporate infrastructure, telecom, LAN/WAN, security and emergency, financial and light industrial applications.

3 phase power online double conversion ups 120kva is specially designed with pluggable power module and front access to simplify maintenance.

PF1 3 phase power online double conversion ups 120kva is non-isolated, redundant, scalable, 3 Phase Online UPS power protection system designed to cost effctively provide high levels of availability.

Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) design allows continuous operation at any supported voltage at either 50 or 60 Hz. Zero transfer time to battery mode ensures no disruption to the attached loads. Automatic and Manual Bypass keeps connected equipment powered even during overloads and UPS maintenance.

Prostar High Frequency 3P 3P Online UPS 30KVA 60KVA 100KVA 120KVA 180KVA 200KVA

UPS 120KVA Features & Benefits

1. True On-Line Double Conversion 3 Phase

  • Provides fully regulated sine wave AC output for critical telecom, network, security, financial, corporate and light industrial applications
  • +/-1% output voltage regulation in online and battery modes
  • Output power factor 1 is allowing for more connected devices
  • Selectable 380/400/415V output voltage
  • Wide input voltage window (190V–478V) minimizes battery use and prolongs battery life

2. IGBT Inverter Technology

  • Produces output power with less than 2% THD to keep connected equipment functioning at its peak
  • Low <4% THDi input rating and advanced IGBT rectifier

3. Modulity Design

  • Pluggable power module design
  • Front access design for esay maintenance

4. Paralleling Capability

  • Connect up to 6 units in parallel configuration for increased capacity and fault tolerance

5. Automatic and Manual Bypass

  • Manual bypass switch as well as an automatic bypass function ensures 100% availability of connected equipment by safely passing through AC power when the power module requires maintenance

6. ECO Mode

  • Operates at efficiency levels as high as 99% when input line conditions are favorable

7. SNMP/Web Capability

  • Slot for SNMP card network interface or AS400 relay card for remote monitoring and control options

8. Small-Footprint Tower Design

  • Reduced-size black tower case saves valuable floor space
  • Matching external battery cabinets enable extended runtime

Uninterruptible Power Supply Details

Prostar PF1 3 Phase High Frequency Online UPS Front View

3 Phase PF1 Online UPS 100KW 120KW Rear

3 Phase Online UPS 100KVA – 120KVA Rear

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    NoiseLess than 70 dB @ 1 Meter
    Dimension(WxDxH mm)974x600x1600
    Nominal Voltage3 Phases 4 Wires, 380Vac/400Vac/415Vac
    Voltage Range110Vac – 300Vac @50% load; 176-276Vac @100 load
    Nominal Frequency50Hz/60Hz (Automaticly)
    Frequency Range40Hz – 70Hz
    Power Factor>=0.99 @100% load
    Harmonic Distortion(THDi)< 4% at full liner load
    Voltage3 Phases 4 Wires, 380Vac/400Vac/415Vac ± 1%
    Frequency Range(Synchronized)46Hz – 54Hz or 56Hz – 64Hz
    Harmonic DistortionLinear load<2%, Non-linear load<5%
    Overload Capacity100-110% for 60mins, 111-125% for 10mins, 126-150% for 1 min, >150% for 400ms
    Crest Factor3:1
    Wave FormPure sine wave
    Transfer Time0ms
    Nominal Voltage380Vac/400Vac/415Vac
    Voltage Range305Vac – 457Vac
    Frequency Range(Synchronized)46Hz – 54Hz or 56Hz – 64Hz
    Overload Capacity>130% 1 min(default); Continously working until breaker protection(optional)
    AC Mode96.00%
    ECO Mode99.00%
    Battery Mode95.00%
    Battery TypeDepending on application
    Battery Numbers32 – 40Pcs (Adjustable)
    Max. Charging Current3A – 54A (Adjustable)
    Charging Voltage+/- 13.65V*N (N=16 – 20)
    7 Inch Touch LCD DisplayUPS status, load level, battery level, input/output voltage, discharge time, and fault conditions
    ProtectionInput over-voltage, under-voltage; output overload, shortcircuit; Inverter over-temperature; Battery under-voltage,over-voltage
    IP ProtectionIP20
    Parallel ModeN+1,N+X,can be in parallel with differenct power capacity
    Operating Temperature0℃ to 40℃
    Humidity0~95% (non-condensing)
    Altitude0 – 1500m at full load
    Safety complianceEN 62040-1:2008; EN 62040-1/EC:2009; EN 62040-1/A1:2013 and Directive 2014/35/EU
    EMC conformanceEN 62040-2 and Directive 2014/30/EU
    Smart RS-232/USBWindows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8,Linux and MAC
    SNMPPower managemetn from SNMP manager and web browser