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About Prostar

Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (named as Prostar) is Chinese leading manufacturer of power quality and energy solutions for the industrial, resident and commercial sectors. Prostar is an enterprise jointly invested by the U.S., Taiwan and Mainland China with more than many years for manufacturing and trading experience.

Since the company’s foundation in 1998, our product line has grown steadily in response to technical advances and market needs. Today, it encompasses uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency power supply (EPS), dc to ac inverter, photovoltaic solar panels, solar charge controller, storage batteries, solar power system and more.

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Prostar Factory Tour

Uninterruptible Power Supply Manufacturer

Prostar UPS ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments thanks to a wide portfolio of power supply systems and services: Online UPS, Modular UPS, Line Interactive UPS & Standby UPS, as well as customized UPS systems meeting customer specifications.  Scheduled, recurring, preventive maintenance performed by accredited service experts maximizes performance of your equipment and minimizes costs. Fast corrective repair actions are also key to increased availability of clean power and to the continuity of your business.

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Solar PV Factory in Foshan

Prostar Solar is one of leading solar panel manufacturer in China. Prostar solar panels have a premium range of quality, very high performance and are incredibly reliable. Prostar solar panels offer 25-year product and performance warranty and are very popular in Europe, South American, Asia, Africa and Australia. Choosing the right solar panel for your household is not an easy ride. From the performance and efficiency to the price and the quality, there are many factors you need to take into account when making a decision which one will best fit your requirements. The main reason why they are categorised as one of the best solar panel manufacturers currently on the market is the value they offer, their reputation for manufacturing quality control and their stable financial position.

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Prostar Solar Factory Tour

Prostar Battery Factory Tour

Storage Battery Manufacturer

Prostar battery aims to make energy storage solutions a very attractive value proposition to customers. Prostar battery is a low-cost DC battery system designed specifically to meet the requirements of grid-scale energy storage. Prostar battery includes lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery and lithium iron battery. In addition to providing a backup power source if the grid goes down, it can also minimize energy costs. For instance, customers can use batteries to store excess solar energy produced by the system during the day and then consume it during periods of peak energy usage in the evening and at night, when electricity rates are typically higher.

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