How is ups efficiency calculated

UPS efficiency is a big deal. The more efficient your UPS, the cheaper it is to run. As energy costs continue to increase, we’ve seen that businesses and organisations across multiple sectors are now looking for ways to increase their energy efficiency and subsequently reduce their energy bills. One of the ways to do this […]

What is the power factor of UPS

Power factor (pf) is the difference between actual energy consumed and the apparent powerin an AC circuit. It will calculate as a decimal or percentage between 0-1 pf and 0-100% i.e. 0.9 pF = 90%. UPS input power factor The UPS input power factor is the ratio of UPS input active power to input power. […]

How a ups power supply works with a backup generator

When power goes out, a ups power supply will let you keep working. As weather extremes and storms increase, power outages are likely to continue to rise. If you have invested in a generator, you’ve prepared for when a storm hits, right? Almost. Even with a generator, you still need a battery backup, also known […]

uninterruptible power supply UPS for MRI machine

It is very important to install uninterruptible power supply UPS for MRI machine. A Modalities suite is typically a suite where CT scanners and MRI machines are located with their control rooms. For CT, MRI scanners and Lab equipment, you cannot afford to take chances with their power. This can result in a large amount […]

The difference between industrial grade ups and commercial ups

According to different application fields, Uninterruptible power supply UPS can be divided into two categories: industrial grade ups and commercial ups. There are two types of UPS systems, a commercial UPS system and an industrial grade UPS system. Generally, a commercial UPS will be found in Information Technology (IT) applications, such as computer rooms and […]

Using uninterruptible power supply systems to avoid power disruptions

Demands for processing power continues to increase across all businesses from small to large networks. With mission critical activity so heavily reliant on ‘always on’ systems, uninterruptible power supply systems play an important role in keeping your business up and running. You can easily imagine, the worst-case scenarios and find the real-life horror stories: Business is humming […]

You should know the difference between ups and an inverter

Today electricity has become a necessity. All most all of our day to day works requires electricity. We need electricity for laptops, washing machines, electric cookers, Mobile phones, Coolers, etc. The best way to comprehend the difference between ups and an inverter is by first understanding how they work. What is UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)? UPS is […]

Size a UPS capacity

Measured in “watts”, UPS capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). It determines how many electronic devices the UPS system can support. This post will tell you how to choose the right UPS with required UPS capacity in the following four steps. Clarify UPS Measurement Units UPS systems […]

Three Phase UPS

When purchasing UPS for your business or organization, many factors should be taken into consideration, among which the choice of power supply between single phase UPS and three phase UPS is the foremost one. Though both of the UPS offer consistent backup power for dealing with unexpected situations, they have different roles. Here is a […]