Prostar GT400K 3 phase online ups power supply 400kva

Prostar GT400K 3 phase online ups power supply 400kva will provide precise regulated and transient-free power to the critical applications.

  • Model: GT400K
  • Brand: Prostar
  • Capacity: 400KVA/360KW
  • Dimension: 1630x1026x1902mm

Uranus Series Low Frequency Online UPS includes 3-phase ins and 3-phase outs from GT6K-GT500K, which can be in parallel with 8 units UPS directly, conveniently and fast. flexible parallel technology could be applied to different loads and systems.According to the needs of customers’ constitute, it could make N+1 or N+X construction, but also according to the different needs of customers with different capacity, it could be in parallel with random 8 units UPS, and all the load will be loaded by all 8 units UPS averagely of the parallel redundant UPS system. Any UPS of the parallel redundant system was failed, the UPS will share its load immediately, to ensure system running normally. During the process of the parallel UPS, it does not set the host and the standby one, but was selected by customers flexibly. The first turned on UPS is automatically set to the host, when the host system failed, the host identity immediately transferred to another UPS, thereby ensuring the supply of electricity for clients during the using process, so it could become a true uninterruptible power supply.

Online Mode 

During normal operation, Prostar GT400K 3 phase online ups power supply 400kva will provide precise regulated and transient-free power to the critical applications. The mains supply provides power to the rectifier/charger.

The rectifier/charger will provide regulated DC power to support the inverter and simultaneously maintain the battery in a fully chargeed condition.

The inverter will convert the DC power into regulated AC power for the load.

Prostar 3 Phase Online UPS Capacitor

Battery Mode

Upon failure of the mains supply, input power for the inverter will automatically be supplied from the directly connected battery. When the mains is restored or the standby generator set supply is ready, input power for the inverter and for recharging the battery will automatically be supplied from the rectifier/charger.

If the input does not return, the UPS will automatically shut itself down in an orderly manner when the discharge limit of the battery is reached.

Prostar 3 Phase Online UPS Inside View

Bypass Mode

Upon the failure of static inverter, the no-break static transfer switch will be activated automatically to isolate the faulty inverter and at the same time maintain a continuous supply to the system load. The automatic transfer mode will also operate in the event of system overloading or if irregular or undesirable output for the load is detected. In this case, the system would automatically return to the original mode of operation if the disturbance is cleared.

Prostar 3 Phase Online UPS Switch

Manual Bypass Mode

If the UPS system needs to be isolated for testing or removed from service for maintenance, the maintenance bypass will transfer the loads from inverter to the mains without interruption and vice versa.


The configuration with the output transformer, a feature of Prostar Low Frequency Online UPS, is characterized by the galvanic isolation of the load and the battery for greater versatility in system configurations.

Prostar ups isolated transformer

Prostar Low Frequency Online UPS is suitable for use in the widest selection of application. Thanks to the flexible configurations, accessories and options available, it is suitable for powering capacitive loads, such as blade servers.

Reliability and availability of the power supply for critical applications is guaranteed by the distributed or centralized parallel of up to 8 units for (N+1) backup or power parallel, and by all the various configurations available in Uranus Series.

1) DSP digital control technology

Core system uses the world’s most advanced all-digital DSP control technology, which can effectively guarantee the UPS’ core system accurate, and fast running.

2) Advanced IGBT inverter technology

Combined high-reliable and high-efficiency IGBT inverter technology with high-frequency Pulse Width Modulation technology (PWM).     
It could reduce noise and power loss, to ensure users can load in a variety of working situations and obtain high-quality voltage output and maximum cost-effectiveness, but also make input efficiency more than 95%. 

3) Pure-online double conversion technology
Reliable and stable, after filtered and regulated, the output sine wave from pure-online double conversion technology, not only has the atmospheric disturbance suppression filter, but also with the standard output isolation transformers, static bypass, maintenance bypass, make this product with higher ability to engage in short circuit current. And it can be applied to the worst working environment.

4) Perfect protection
Perfectly system protection functions: It has AC over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-voltage, under-voltage, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, voltage under-voltage warning, battery over charging protection and other protections in one to ensure the system to operate stably and reliably.

5) Powerful Redundant Parallel Connection Function
Durable and reliable design of industrial-type modular structure, combined with full digital DSP control technology core system, make this product not only can be used for N +1 / N + X redundancy and the ability of enlarge the capacity, but also permit different power and different times of the UPS could be in parallel. It greatly reduced the user’s pre-and post-purchasing costs, and increased capacity costs, but also expanded upper spaces of increasing capacity.

6) Powerful communication system
The standard equipped with RS232 interface, do contact relays, emergency switching device EPO input interface.

7) Low-power dissipation but high-efficiency
To achieve more than 98% of ultra-high efficiency under ECO economic model, which can effectively bring down the amount of electricity, and effective in accordance with the requirements of energy-saving target of the country.

8) Prediction warning system
LCD panel automatic detection function and timely warning in advance, with the boot self-diagnosis function. It could avoid the hidden danger in time due to UPS’ failure, which caused risks. Also it could automatically alarm by setting the battery discharge to standby time is less than a set value.

9) Humanized panel display
Humanized panel settings, the users can set system parameters, date, output voltage, battery capacity, alarm function, light-load shutdown, system boot time, MODEM settings, such as orders, also it can be up to 120 abnormal failure information for users to query.

10) Super-strong environment adaptability
This product has superior environmental adaptability, wide AC input range, greatly reduces the frequency of battery using, and effectively extends the battery life.

11) Powerful Overload Ability
Using the pure-online double conversion technology, with the output isolation transformers, static bypass, and maintenance bypass.
Inverter Overload Ability reached 110% / 125% / 150% overloading time can last for 300min/10min/1min.
Bypass Overload Ability reached 150% / 170% / 250% overloading time can last for 60min/10min/1min.

UPS Efficiency>95%
Noise48dB~54dB(Distance 1 Meter)
Dimension(WxDxH mm)1630x1026x1902
Voltage3 Phases 4 Wires, 380Vac/400Vac/415Vac ± 25%
Frequency50Hz/60Hz±5% (Automaticly)
Power Factor≥0.95
Voltage3 Phases 4 Wires, 380Vac/400Vac/415Vac ± 1%
Frequency50Hz/60Hz±0.05%(By Battery)
Harmonic DistortionLinear load<3%, Non-linear load<5%
Imbalance VoltageBalance load≤1%, Imbalance load≤3%
Phase Shif AngleBalance load≤1°, Imbalance load≤2°
Transient ResponseOutput at 0~50%~100% ≤5%, response ≤ 10ms
Overload Capacity110%≥300Min, 125%≥10Min, 150%≥1Min
Crest Factor3:1
Wave FormPure sine wave
Transfer Time0ms
TypeSupport VRLA Battery
D.C. Voltage480Vdc
Max. Charging Current0.2AxC10
Charging Time(Standard)12hours
ProtectionInput over-voltage, under-voltage; output overload, shortcircuit; Inverter over-temperature; Battery under-voltage,over-voltage
IP ProtectionIP20
Parallel ModeN+1,N+X,can be in parallel with differenct power capacity
Software InterfaceWindows9x,2000,NT,ME,XP,Linux,Novell,Macosx,NT4.0
Meantime Between Failures300,000Hours
Operating Temperature0℃ to 40℃
Humidity0~95% (non-condensing)
Altitude<1000m (with increase of 100m,it will reduce output of 1%) max. 4000m
Storage Temperature-15℃ to 50℃
Safety complianceEN 62040-1:2008; EN 62040-1/EC:2009; EN 62040-1/A1:2013 and Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC conformanceEN 62040-2 and Directive 2014/30/EU
Communication InterfaceRS232/RS485
Remote SignalingDry contact (battery low,battery discharging,bapass/fault),EPO
Remote ControlEPO and bypass
SNMPPower managemetn from SNMP manager and web browser
OptionalDustproof & dampproof, Isolating inverter transformer, lightning surge absorption, static switches, manual maintainence switch

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